The Story of Mullagha Farm

Mullagha Farm is dated from 1510 and has had a colorful history and occupants
throughout the centuries. The old buildings and courtyard are unique and breathtaking. This farm yard had a thriving corn mill and would have been a hive of activity hundreds of years ago.

The Finegan family has been farming in the Boyne Valley for over 200 years and purchased this farm in 1935. The farm where the goats are milked is the core of what was then "Mullagha House and Estate", which dates back to the 16th  century. Michael is the 3rd generation to farm the land.

The Finegan family farm 280 acres of land in the Boyne Valley including cereals, Cattle and Goats. Michael and Jenny started milking goats in 2008 and have grown to nearly 300 milkers. There are 4 breeds in the herd, Saanen, Alpine, Toggenburg and Anglo Nubian. 

Michael and Jenny Finegan run the goat enterprise together. We believe the lush grasses of the Boyne Valley produce a unique taste in our ‘Boyne Valley’ goats cheese. The lack of Irish produced Blue Goats Cheese lead to the creation of Boyne Valley Blue and soon after our award winning Bán was also produced here on the farm.

If you visit us on the farm you will be given the history of the farm form Michael. You will be shown around the new cheesemaking facility, see cheese on the shelves in the ripening room. Have the cheeese making process explained. And most important of all, get to taste cheese there and then. Next you will get to walk through the goat shed and see 400 goats. These animals provide the luscious goats milk for Boyne Valley Cheese. 

We hope you enjoy "Boyne Valley" goats cheese as much as we do.